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This is Mom and me (Tina).
We are happy you decided to take some time to visit our puppy photo page. Everyone is adopted, of course, so there is not much family resemblance, except for Beau,Buff,Fancy and Cheyenne who are litter mates. But everyone loves each other.Our feelings for the cats who we have to put up with here, however, are another matter!

Each pic has names and a little about my family. Hope you enjoy looking at this pretty neat group of "persanimals"..

The picture below is of Max and me, Tina. He was my very best friend, for almost 10 years. He protected me and Mom (Donna) and loved everyone. He was s-o-o-o big and so beautiful, with a heart to match. He got real sick one day and just kept getting sicker.Mom took him to the vet, but he had a nerve disease or something and they couldn't make him better. Then one day he was gone. Mom and everyone cried for a long time that day, and for lots of days after that~~me too~~I still miss him ~so does Mom...

~Max & Me~

3/15/87 to 7/26/97


This is my housemate and now best friend, Lammi. She is a little younger than me, and lots of fun. The only problem with her is that she steals my cookies when I hide them under the bed! If I have a cookie and she doesn't she will fib and tell Mom she has to go out to the bath room; and I always go with her, so then I run out the door and she races back to the cookie and eats it..she thinks she is so smart! She isn't a registered dog like me. She was a stray that Mom and Dad brought home from his shop yard at work. But she's okay. I love her lots. And it's fun to watch her chase the cats sometimes...she can be so ornery!

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This next picture is so cute of me that I had to include it on the page. You see, a few years ago when Jill, my girl, was still small, we played a lot. And a couple summers she and I entered the pet show at our local county fair. (We placed...I thought we should have won!)This was taken during one of our practices, or during our playing, can't remember which.Both were so much fun~~

This pretty lady is Mavis. She has the silkiest fur you have ever touched.

She kind of looks like a Spitz mix~but it doesn't really matter what she is, we love her, even me.She has been here for 7 years. She had a hard time adjusting to having a family. Dad fed her for months at his office before she would allow him to even touch her. I think someone really mistreated her. She still gets scared easily, forgetting it's okay now. Sometimes running and hiding if someone makes a sudden move or raises their hand quickly. When this happens the family just says her name softly and she timidly comes around. It's still sad to think what she mst have endured before she found us. She and Lammi became friends when they were homeless, now they are in the same family! Isn't that neat?


This sweetheart is Bosco. To the people in our family he is just a big lover. All he ever wants is petted, petted, and petted some more!

~Laken & Bosco~

You can tell how much he loves us all (he kisses me too, and I'm a dog).Laken is Mom & Dad's granddaughter and doesn't even live here. He just likes kisses! He was born right here in Mom and Dad's bedroom in a box by the bed. Mom helped deliver him, and helped raise him. You see, Lammi was pregnant when she came here to live. It wasn't her fault...those things just happen when there is no one there to take you to a vet and get you spade! Bosco is her puppy. She had 5, but 1 was a still birth, and the others all got very good homes with other families. Mom made sure of that. And Bosco got to stay here because Jill accidently tripped over him when he was small, and broke his leg. He got lots of attention and then everyone got too attached to send him anywhere else.

Now you are going to meet the brats, I call them. They are about 1 year old.

~This is Buffy at a couple months old~

He looks nothing like his sisters and brother except for his mottled black and pink tongue. They are a litter of 4 whose mommy looked like a registered Chow. We think their daddy was a part poodle dog who we know.

~Fancy in the snow~

At any rate, the dog catcher came one day to an empty lot where they were born and took their mommy away. They were only about 3 weeks old. Some neighborhood kids told Dad about the abandonded litter of puppies and -long story short-they came here to become part of our family. All 4 got to stay because Mom got so attached. Isn't that unusual!!HAHA

~Buffy and Beau at about 6 months old~

This next picture is Cheyenne (with Bosco). She has a personality that would light up the night.She can run like a gazelle. She is ALWAYS happy. She's just lots of fun.

I know, I know, she looks a little ratty here, but she had been playing in the snow, and her and Fancy's fur gives Mom a terrible time. It is always a mess!

This is Buffy now,

and the following picture is Beau now. He is Mom's protector since Max is gone. He would protect Mom to the death. He is somewhat scary to people he doesn't know, but he is a born watch dog, and Mom needs that kind of protection for when she is home alone. He loves his family, and I hate to say it about the brat, but I love him too.