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ABOUT LITTLE OLE ME, IF YOU WANNA KNOW...If not just skip over. It's fine. My feelings aren't hurt. Okay, you are reading this, so I guess you are wondering about me. We all do that, I think- Here on the Internet. You can't help but wonder what the people you are connecting with are like. You know, where they are from, what they do. It's only human, and it's usually fun. So here goes...

I'm Donna Jean.

Been married f-o-r-e-v-e-r.Seriously 32 years to my husband who I met while we both were attending O.U.

We have raised 3 children.our daughter is 19 now and attending college. Middle son is 25 and in college and also a construction worker,works at a local tv station, and wrestler. And our older son is 31, divorced father of 2, (making me a "gulp" grandmother) and he also works with with his brother and Dad in construction.

Let's see, I've already admitted to being a grandmother, so I may as well admit to my age, 33. Okay, okay, would you believe 43? No? Alright, I'm 53 and darned proud of it! I think.

So let's see then, I was born right here in Southern Ohio on a snowy Sunday evening long long ago in a galaxy far far aw... oh, no wait a minute, that's the wrong story. 'on a snowy Sunday evening 53 years ago in January . I was an only child and have to say I loved every minute of it. Had an absolutely wonderful childhood with lots of love and close family ties. I was raised just about 1/2 mile from where I live today (I really get around let me tell you!)

I went through 12 years of school right here. My best friend in school was Penny, and guess what? She still is...35 years later and we still are best friends. And we've added Marci, to make it 3.We met Marci in college and became close friends from our membership in a sorority later.. She's sort of the Curly to our Moe and Larry! There are lots of wonderful people around here. Like my other close friend Donna. Her son is a singer/songwriter in Nashville! In fact, Tim McGraw's latest hit "Something Like That" was written by him. But that's another story for later.

During college, I got a work study job through the university at a city health department . Saw lots of interesting stuff there, believe me! Things like the can of spinach with a whole mouse shredded inside just like the spinach.

My main job there (and listen up all you young computer generation x's) was to rebind by hand THE ENTIRE COLLECTION OF BIRTH CERTIFICATES FOR THE CITY which was about 100 years worth of births. I'm not kidding, when they showed me what they wanted they took me to a door, opened it and it was about a 10x10 room with binders stacked floor to ceiling with just enough room to get in the door. And,yes, I got them all done finally.

My hobbies have varied over the years. My Dad made extra money as I was growing up training, and boarding I have shown dogs, I have shown quarter horses (western pleasure, halter, and trail), got quite involved in local theater, and have been a singer my whole life. I really enjoy music so very much. I love any kind of music, just so it has a beat you can tap your toe to...just never could get into jazz. So here I am, at this point in my life, as happy as a speckled puppy, as my Grandpa used to say. I have traveled to many places, seen lots of things, but I could never live anywhere but here. I have so many really special relatives in places like Florida, Utah, Texas and Arizona, but my immediate family and closest friends are all right here. And I don't think that anything could be more important than being near the people you love and who love you. So, here I still am - Where they say "The prettiest women and the ugliest men live, and the place where southern hospitality begins." I'm not sure, but I think that saying can be attributed to a local radio personality here by the name of Zeke Mullins. Anyway, I truly think this is the best place I can imagine living.

I chose my internet nickname puppylove2 because I have a great love for all animals, especially dogs. So it just seemed to know, I love people, but I have puppylove, too!

I just added an Ohio page you might enjoy visiting, and have just updated most of my others. So I hope you enjoy your visit PLEASE SIGN MY GUESTBOOK, so I can visit you, and come back soon as I have many more changes in mind. .











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